Project: This project will consist of 3 arms:

The international training institute, which will provide educational training for Trainers, who in turn will educate & train the Managers/Facilitators of each orphanage project. The emphasis will be on defining the ethics, principles, priorities and the drafting of the operational manuals.

We will be attracting & contracting global experts in a wide range of relevant educational, scientific, healing, artistic & spiritual fields in order for them to design the training manuals and train the top training directors on how to be able to recruit, screen, train & supervise the project managers/facilitators. 



The international business team, which will assess the feasibility of various geographical locations globally and provide the support in financing & infrastructure for the commencement of a project. These projects could then be matched with the trained managers/facilitators - who would also undergo business & administration training before commencing. 


The operation of these orphanages by the properly trained facilitators and support personnel as described above. These projects would be closely monitored, supervised and supported by the 2 mentioned teams


The above structure aims in accelerating the training, assessment, establishment & monitoring of several projects worldwide simultaneously, while constantly improving the quality and success of these projects.

We plan to financially support this global network of orphanages through a range of activities and projects targeting adults in the fields of health holidays, healing, meditation, training, employment, investments and entrepreneurial activities.

These activities will aim to convert each orphanage project into a sustainable community. It can become further sustainable through a global affiliation between these projects and a mutual recognition of credits/debits via a bartering online system.

This mechanism would allow better allocation of resources, better distribution and better support systems of the more fragile projects, which will be temporarily subsidized by the stronger ones until they become self-sustainable.

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