The Worldwide projects were called Welll and Welll Club ( standing for WELL Living ) and focused on the following areas of operations:

Welll Franchises & Joint Ventures

Welll provided opportunities for Entrepreneurs & Businesses interested in setting up a health/healing operation in the fields of: ( Health resorts/centers, Health Product trading, Health Tours & Agencies, Health Training Schools, Employment agencies, Media Firms , Health investment & Business Development ventures ) or interested in operating a particular health practice within a Resort/center.

Provided specialized information, branding, training, products, global markets, professional staff, and in the case of Joint ventures provide also expansion finance and Joint risk taking. Both Welll franchises & Joint ventures were available in any of the above fields and interests in any geographical locations.

Welll Consultancies,  Affiliations & Other Corporate Services

Businesses ( entrepreneurs and practitioners ) in the above-mentioned fields even if they didn't desire or need franchise or joint ventures could derive significant benefits by affiliating their operation with the Welll brand & network for a small price. Also they could request to obtain other specialized services such as web services, marketing services, employment placement/ recruitment, business development, art designing of investment options, family options, training to enhance their scope/depth of existing business or identify & create a newly established business.

Welll Agencies

Welll offered for sale ( small or large geographical territories ) to entrepreneurs or Corporations with experience in the health or travel or sales fields. Those agencies/territories depending in their size and income potential were called Liaison officers, Consulates and Embassies.

They were authorized to sell all Welll and Welll club services & products for commissions & fees. They were also authorized to establish and sell sub agencies within their territory, which might have been as small as a town as large as a continent.


A specialized global portal & search engine for health holidays with the purposes:

a) To provide quality global information in an extensively wide range of health interests

b) To provide appealing integrated solutions in the areas of health holidays, education & training, employment, housing, family options, investment & businesses.

Welll club memberships

These memberships were HEALTH HOLIDAY INVESTMENTS as they contained equal elements of all 3 fields. They were designed to appeal to both individuals/families as well as corporations/ organizations might have used in a various flexible ways such as incentives for staff, supplies, customers, clients, members, viewers etc.

All the above entities were operational and rapidly gaining strength over the first several years. We have inspired, influenced and positively affected the lives of thousands of people during those years. A sequence of personal nature setbacks in 2003 and again in 2006 forced the founder to discontinue or freeze most of the projects until a better timing was indicated.

- The Health Oasis Resort, the Traditional Medicine Hospital and the Welll Consultancies are still operational.

- The rest of the Thai projects were discontinued. The WelllClub portal was also discontinued, as technology developments made it somehow obsolete.

- The WelllClub memberships and the Welll Franchises, Affiliations, Agencies & Joint Ventures were put on hold and they could be reinitiated once the time is right.

- H.E.A.L International Foundation has been funding since 2014 the Abha Light Foundation, which has been operating a large holistic health project in Kenya.

The project consists in setting up and running free children’s homeopathic clinics every 10-15 days in 13-25 locations (plus spirulina production & supply) with the purpose to reach an ever increasing number of children in need in under-privileged local communities.

As part of this project, local homeopathic practitioners are further trained and funded to start clinics in order to offer free services to children.

15,000 children are expected to be reached and treated over the next 12 months.



Holistic Energy Abundant Living

It all started with the establishment of our initial pilot project back in 1998 in Koh Samui Thailand. It was called Healing Child Resort and Community and it was offering exciting opportunities for :

Holidays | Healing | Learning | Training | Working | Investing | Business set-up |

The following projects were established from 1998 - 2003:

Health Oasis Resort

A Health Resort in Koh Samui Thailand, has been providing a range of health programs with detox fasting being its signature programs since those early days in 1998 when they were only a handful of such facilities worldwide. See

Healing Child Center

Its purpose was to focus on the double goal of the rediscovery of the adults’ inner child while at the same time provide a holistic living community setting and alternative education for young children to grow uninhibited.

Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital

One of the very few such licensed Traditional Medicine Hospitals in Thailand, it utilized Thai traditional methods and products to magnify natural healing.

The Discount Tour and Travel shop

A budget travel agency that specialized in holistic health holidays & health tours.


Health Oasis Resort

Healing Child Center

Traditional Medicine Hospital  

The Discount Tour and Travel shop

Royal Grace & Doi Kham Center

Healthy Choices Trading

Welll franchises

Welll Joint ventures

Welll consultancies

Welll agencies / territories health holidays portal

Well Club health holiday memberships


Royal Grace Center &  Doi Kham projects

Its purpose was to promote and contribute to the Thai Royal family’s health oriented projects and was licensed to operate a franchise of its Doi Kham health products. It also run a preschool & primary children’s school.

Healthy Choices Trading

It established the first retail outlet & wholesale distribution of health products in the province.

The above projects were meant to serve as the prototype of a larger global project which intended to develop or/and network of health operations (resorts, centers, retreats, schools, stores, funds) with health practitioners, instructors, producers, traders, investors & entrepreneurs).