“A global network  of  orphanages  

primarily focused  on  preschool  

age children”. 


The initials of H.E.A.L stand for Holistic Energy Abundant Living and that is the ultimate goal of our mission. To inspire and facilitate the development of a global network of people, groups and projects which are based on principles of ethical, sustainable & abundant living servicing humanity. We are determined to utilize and integrate all forms of energy in order to manifest that mission. We intend to demonstrate that a better living world is actually much easier & closer than we may have led to believe.


Holistic Energy Abundant Living


H.E.A.L. International Foundation NV was founded in 1998 and since then, it and its subsidiaries have had a legal presence or business activity in the USA, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, Thailand, Samoa and Singapore. 


Our experience with our earlier projects both in Thailand and worldwide over the last 17 years has helped us to learn valuable lessons and evolve. As a result we have devised wiser strategies and sets of priorities, which have led us to concentrate on the following objective: The establishment of a global network of orphanages primarily focused on preschool age children. The aim will be to encourage & support the children’s natural healing abilities & their spiritual development as the seed of a profound & wide-range social transformational change.